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How to stop iOS UIAutomation / Xcode Instruments from requesting developer tool access

Out at my current client we are using jenkins as our CI environment which also launches our UIAutomation tests via Instruments CLI.  Recently in OS X it looks like apple tightened up the program security so that you will be prompted for something like…

“Developer Tools Access is trying to take control of another process. Type your password to allow this.”

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Accessibility / VoiceOver considerations when using multiple UIWindows in iOS applications

This post follows on from my previous post Using multiple UIWindows in iOS applications but I will cover the specific issue I encountered when VoiceOver mode is on.

I have been working on an application that makes use of multiple UIWindows within its view heirachy, mostly because it is quite a secure application and so the easiest way for us to block access to the app is to present a UIWindow above all other windows in the app.

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Using multiple UIWindows in iOS applications

I have been playing around with using multiple UIWindows in an iOS application at my current client for the last few days and thought I would share what I perceive to be the pro’s and con’s. I will cover the technical challenges / observations I have witnessed when using UIWindows that sit above UIAlertViews when accessibility / VoiceOver mode is on in another post otherwise it will get lost.

Why would I want to use multiple UIWindows?

Well I guess a couple of the reasons would be that maybe you want to display a view that shows above system UIAlertViews, can cover the default keyboard or even make your app look like it is modifying the statusbar like Reeder.

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