Accessibility / VoiceOver considerations when using multiple UIWindows in iOS applications

This post follows on from my previous post Using multiple UIWindows in iOS applications but I will cover the specific issue I encountered when VoiceOver mode is on.

I have been working on an application that makes use of multiple UIWindows within its view heirachy, mostly because it is quite a secure application and so the easiest way for us to block access to the app is to present a UIWindow above all other windows in the app.

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Using multiple UIWindows in iOS applications

I have been playing around with using multiple UIWindows in an iOS application at my current client for the last few days and thought I would share what I perceive to be the pro’s and con’s. I will cover the technical challenges / observations I have witnessed when using UIWindows that sit above UIAlertViews when accessibility / VoiceOver mode is on in another post otherwise it will get lost.

Why would I want to use multiple UIWindows?

Well I guess a couple of the reasons would be that maybe you want to display a view that shows above system UIAlertViews, can cover the default keyboard or even make your app look like it is modifying the statusbar like Reeder.

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